What To Expect From Us



We know that in recruitment you are only as good as your last job!  This means that being complacent isn't an option and as such we strive to make the experience of working with us a positive on every time.

We also know that 100% is hard to reach so we know we can improve and we always encourage feedback and criticism whether its positive or negative.  Like life, its a journey of evolution and learning.

We work with a diverse client base on a diverse number of roles.  The common thread among them all is an expectation of good service, quality and results.

We achieve this by working how our clients want us to work and recognising that one size doesn't fit all.

Each assignment we work on follows a process designed to suit the need of the Client, Position and Candidate experience.

Our Contingent solution offers a fit for purpose approach and is well suited to generic assignments with a good balance between supply and demand in the market.

Our Contained solution provides a more in depth search, market analysis and sector mapping to ensure the required depth of search is achieved to provide the required results and over deliver on expectations. this approach suits a position where the supply and demand balance is more toward the demand side and the position is more niche in its requirements.   A good example of this would be the Engineering disciplines where years of under investment in Grad schemes and apprenticeships have created a skills gap. Plus more young people are moving towards other career paths.

Our Retained Executive Search solution is aimed at low supply and low demand, an example of this would be high level management, "C" level executives or a very niche skill set.

With each assignment you will receive profiles which have been fully qualified against the role and expectations. They will be aware of the Company we are representing and the dimensions of the role.  We will have their full support in submitting their details and application.

Obviously the more detailed the search assignment, the more detail we share with our Clients.  This would also involve market intelligence which would be of great value to our Clients.

With the Contained and Retained solutions you will receive a report which shows our work across the market and how we have arrived at the short list presented.

We use state of the art mapping software and build on our extensive network to begin the process and all this information can be viewed.