UK Mental Health Awareness Week: Workplace Well-being

It’s well known that a company is only as strong as the people it employs, and with 1 in 4 people suffering from a mental health issue every year - costing UK employers up to £42 billion, it is more important than ever that businesses are striving to promote a healthy working environment.

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By taking steps to work towards a mentally healthy workplace, businesses have seen an average loss reduction of 33%.

However, ignoring the mental health of staff comes at a high price, with lower productivity, lost workdays, higher recruitment spend and an increase in workplace conflict all contributing to the employer’s bill.

Once a health issue or disability has been disclosed, employers have legal duties to consider making reasonable adjustments. However, adjustments should be made to help all staff cope and recover, whether they have a formal diagnosis or not.

Information about when an employer may have a legal obligation to make adjustments to someone’s job role, can be found on the GOV UK and Mind UK websites.

Remember, a healthy workforce equals a healthy business!

by Jennifer Headington

(Advice based on Mind toolkits, available at

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