A Short Example of Managing Larger Scale Recruitment Projects

On many occasions I have been asked to provide teams of employees of various levels in order to facilitate the opening of a new site, on one of these occasions our client was building a new paper and packaging machine based in the North West. We were asked to provide all of the level 1 and level 2 operators along with the engineering teams for the facility. man planning

The added complication was that all the level 1, level 2 and the engineering teams then had to fly out to Spain to carry out 12 months of training.

This resulted in really narrowing the market making it very demanding to find the right skill set in the first place and then to add the availability for to travel to Spain really cut the market tight. However it just two months we were able to supply them with 60 level 1 and 2 operators and nine engineers to fly out to Spain to carry out the training.

Since, the relationship with the client has developed and we have been responsible for placing around 80% of the people on site, we have an ongoing relationship with them which means as and when the company grows we are then asked to provide new different skills to accommodate the new demands that the company faces.

construction workers

This isn't the only occasion on which we've done assignments like this, the Engineering and Maintenance Company that won the maintenance contracts for the paper machine was a very large Finnish Engineering company.

The Engineering company needed a team of 40 people on site to run their contract for the OEM and we provided everybody for the project apart from the site manager who was an internal candidate. From technicians, engineers, administration, planning, reliability, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance we provided the whole team.

I think in recruitment you are only as good as your last job so to have kept these important clients for many years is the perfect testimony for our business.

recruitment picture cv

We're still providing the same company with engineers for different sites and facilities that they win maintenance contracts for.

When looking to complete project work like this the benefit of using one company to provide the whole solution is the ability to see the whole picture and blend culture and skills together. Bringing different levels of experience to bear alongside the type of cultural fit that a client may have a need for can only be achieved with this wholesome view.

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Written by Lee Narraway

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The Future of the CV…Another Dimension…

The workplace is becoming more creative. Personality and cultural fit matter more than ever. A business lives and dies by the strength of its relationships. Work-life balance has become work-life blend. For some people, their colleagues are their family.

Photo of a video job interview

It has never been more important to dig deep into someone’s personality in the recruitment process. You want to get a window on their soul, their motivations, their hopes and dreams. The twinkle in their eyes is what sells them to you, that extra “je ne sais quoi” when they talk about their passions. They are the sort of people that you want to work with for the foreseeable future….

All this great stuff is the gold dust of recruitment; this is why we do our jobs.

I would argue that this cannot be reflected in even the best CV.

There is currently something deeply wrong with the first stage of the recruitment process. During that infamous 10-second “scan” of your resume, there is no way that the reader can understand what sort of a person they are dealing with. They may be able to read the words, try to decipher the meaning behind the adjectives, but there is no way of seeing the person behind the words.

There is another way. There will be a real alternative at some point soon.

Before I go on to outline my thoughts, I would like to mention something about the nature of change. Sometimes it takes years or decades for an idea to replace an accepted practice, but when circumstances conspire, the change can come swiftly.

People are now getting more open to sharing their lives on social media. They are uploading videos onto YouTube, sharing selfies on Facebook and writing blogs on LinkedIn. The next stage of the technology revolution is wearable technology. People are happy to share themselves with society like never before.

Now finally getting to the recruitment angle….

Video interview


I can see a world where impromptu video (taken from their phone or watch) will form a key part of the recruitment process. The perception of video as an impersonal and inflexible medium is starting to disappear. Companies could request a Snapchat style introduction based on a couple of key questions, they could view introductory videos on LinkedIn profiles, or entire interviews could be conducted via their smartwatches.


This won’t replace the CV completely, but the smarter companies will quickly realize the value of this interactivity. The video interviewing industry is growing quickly. It has not yet reached the mainstream, and I expect that there will be a good few sceptics responding to this article, but it is definitely the successor of the CV in my view.

What do you think?

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