Lee's latest blog: “With office work saturated, how do you find good Engineers?”

I was out with a few friends over the weekend, and I was asked what I did for a living.  I explained that I have worked in Recruitment for over 11 years and typically recruit Engineering and Manufacturing candidates into FMCG, Paper and Packaging, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical.  My friend asked me quite a pertinent question.

“With office work saturated now, how do you find good Engineers - there seems to be very few of them around?”

Now I know the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors are candidate driven but I hadn’t thought of it in the same context as my friend;

“With office work saturated” 

I thought about this over the weekend, it also reminded me of a client meeting I had recently when the MD of the business said “there is no money in products anymore, it’s all in service”

Business is clearly heading in the services direction but what does this mean for our Engineering and Manufacturing sectors!  Certainly a worrying thought and with Brexit around the corner it is likely we will have less support from our European friends too.


We all know that industry hasn’t invested in getting the youth into Engineering and Maintenance and you may say it’s too late, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about it.

I have seen the odd company talking about visiting schools locally and I applaud this approach but it can’t be restricted to the odd company here and there; it needs to be a common goal for the Engineering and Manufacturing sectors to stand a chance of brining the next generation of skills in to the market.

We must find fun ways of making our sector interesting to the young and also develop ways of preventing skill leakage into other industries. 

It needs to be a collective effort, and at ProCore we sponsor a young Kart driver with the aim of getting him and his friends excited about what engineering can do and what an incredible learning experience it can give.

Written by Lee Narraway

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