Top 5 Common CV Mistakes

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So last week I offered a free review on Engineering CV's...........

Yes, there was a common thread as to the structure and type of things missed off of the CV. Remember that the CV is your first opportunity to impress, so don't let it slip by in a blur of words and pictures. So, here goes the top 5 common mistakes:

1. Leave out the dodgy picture! Especially the ones that were taken a few years ago on a polaroid and have a few creases on them, they don't scan well or do you any favours.

2. The hiring manager wants to know what you can bring to the table and how you can benefit their organization, so it's always best to get into the nitty gritty early on, please don't waste page after page with acronyms.

It's likely a HR partner will look at the CV first so they may not be a subject matter expert.

3. You have an immediate opportunity to let the reader know how highly qualified you are, so tell them!

Put your qualification letters after your name, for example: Elizabeth Windsor CEng MSc BEng so there we are, the Queen is a chartered Engineer with a masters and a first degree (you heard it here first).

4. Ok so your home is important to you and you probably paid a lot of money for it but guess what?  The hiring manager really doesn't care where you live until they think they want to see you so put this information at the end of the CV.  It's also the first piece of information a recruiter will remove.

5. And last but certainly not least........

Remember the main buying motives, the reasons why anyone buys anything ever!!! You must relate what you do and what you have achieved to....





There you have it, don't make these common mistakes and your world will get infinitely better, well, at least your CV will.

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