This is why a third of Brits are accepting their second choice of job

Almost a third of British job seekers have accepted their second choice of job because their first choice took too long to get back to them, a new study has found.


Research by Shortlister has revealed that seven in ten candidates feel that one week is a reasonable amount of time to wait to hear back from potential employers, however many employers are taking much longer.

Scottish businesses take the longest with an average of 36 days to feedback to candidates, South West England came second with an average of 29 days while employers in the South East England were the quickest taking on average 17 days to get in touch.

Job seekers were also surveyed by industry, to find out which was the worst at providing feedback. The worst performing was the retail industry where over half of candidates had to wait for feedback. On the other hand, the legal sector was the most considerate industry where only 10% of applicants never heard from a potential employer following an interview.


It’s not only unsuccessful candidates that are being affected by a delay in getting in touch – according to Shortlister, 30% of Brits accepted a job that was only their second choice because their first choice took so long to get back to them. This means that a lot of employers are missing out on their perfect candidate!

The impact on businesses doesn’t end there - a recent study by Virgin Media showed that unhappy, rejected candidates would actually go as far as to cancel their service with the company. They found that 18% of their rejected candidates were Virgin Media customers. Not only would they cancel their own service, they would go on to communicate their bad experience to others. The result was a potential loss of millions of pounds of revenue.

‘Post-interview feedback is so important,’ says David Dewey from Shortlister. ‘It can be the difference between a candidate getting the next job, or not. It is also beneficial for the employer- leaving the candidate with a positive attitude towards the company.

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