2019 season preparations have begun!

Preparations are well underway for the 2019 karting season. 

Luca has been working hard testing and trying new techniques and equipment...


The new season brings with it new changes to the regulations, a new carburation system and new tyres will be introduced for this season’s BKC which will have a knock on effect for the regional championships too.

Luca will be running in a Wright Chassis with a 60cc IAME engine.  This requires a different driving style to the 50CC as its all about being smooth and carrying more speed through the corners.  Luca has hit 47.7 mph which is the fastest thats been recorded so far.

He has been testing at Rowrah in the Lakes, GYG in North Wales and Hooton Park on the Wirral.

Luca has two IAME 60CC engines, one has recently been rebuilt and the other is his race engine for the season.  The engines need heat cycles and hours running to get more power from the units which is why Luca has been putting lots of laps in.  At Hooton on Sunday he drove 150 laps!


Luca has a new Helmet design for this season too.  He designed and painted it (with help from Dad!), we are really pleased with the results.

Luca has also made some new friends as new entrants have also been practising.  Even in the cold weather the kids all enjoy their time at the track playing football, riding their bikes and playing with toy cars.

Well done Luca!

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Training in Wales

Luca’s been very busy this weekend, getting his kart ready for the new season at Glan-y-Gors in Snowdonia.

His Iane 60cc engine has been rebuilt, so now needs at least 10 hours of driving in preparation the 2019 BKC.

Despite the pouring rain, Luca managed 3 hours with his new engine, and managed to get up to 45mph!


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Luca gets stuck in!

The entire ProCore Solutions team are advocates of children in engineering, so we are thrilled to see that Luca has been getting his hands dirty and discovering what goes into maintaining his karts.

Keep it up Luca!

No rest for young Karters....

It may have been the school holidays last week, but Luca was hard at work training for the 2019 National Bambino Karting Championship!