About Luca

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ProCore Solutions is proud to sponsor Luca - a talented young aspiring racing driver who, at the age of 6, is already demonstrating a huge talent and passion for the sport.

Luca has had a keen interest in all things car related since the age of 3. Aged 5 his parents took him along to the Daytona Kart track in Manchester to have his first go in a Kart and Luca was hooked! Quickly demonstrating an ability to produce quick lap times consistently, his parents were encouraged to buy his first kart.

In his first competitive race, Luca finished 2nd in a large field and set the tone for his racing career - in the following months he competed in 6 races where he won two, and placed 2nd, 4th and 5th in the others.

2019 promises to be a strong year for Luca, as he competes in next year’s BKC National Championship and a local Indikart Championship, and we look forward to sharing all of his achievements with you.

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