Join Our Team.

At ProCore Solutions we are always interested in hiring people to join our Business. More often we find our Clients are interested in the culture fit of the person, more so than the current skill set.  I believe that skills can be learned but culture, personality and drive are innate.

o we are looking for trustworthy, driven, committed, open and friendly people to work with us.

e live by our Company values of Trust, Passion, Customer Loyalty, Integrity and Aspiration and expect everybody in the Company to behave in this way.

e also like to have fun, work is always easier when you have a smile on your face and recruitment can be a brutal world as it is so competitive so a happy disposition is essential.

e love our clients and will always go the extra mile to ensure they love us too.  The Clients and Candidates always come first.

e are proud of the way we work with Candidates and we have received many excellent testimonials from a wide array of candidates that we have helped in to a new opportunity.  Its important to us that we stay in touch and maintain the relationships we have developed through the process.

How we work

At  ProCore we have a structured working day and love to plan so attention to detail is paramount. We work with a 360 model which is usually business development activities in the morning and Candidate networking in the afternoon.

e tend to work with a ‘Due-North’ direction but as we provide a flexible service to our clients we have to be ready to adapt to their needs as and when required,  using a method of MPC (Most place-able Candidate) marketing alongside digital media to develop our business relations with potential new clients.

e have a range of job requirements in our business from Apprentice schemes through to seasoned recruitment consultants working with a 360 model.

pprentices can expect a solid grounding in the activities of administration, business development and marketing.  We use social media more and more and will be looking for flair in this area of the modern world.

f this sounds like the kind of place you want to work then send your CV in confidence through to: